Aunty Ulu and Lydia Joy Noelani Dailey Aloha Everyone my name is Lydia Joy Noelani Dailey and I was born on Dec 21st, 2007. I am 8lbs 11 oz and 21 1/2 inches long and my proud parents are Tom and Brenda James and Jillian's baby Amina James and Jillian at Larry's house for Thanksgiving 2005 Aloha my name is Julia Grace Kanani Dailey! I was born on February 16th 2006! This is me and my Tutu! ...and this is my proud Mom and Dad! ...and a closer look at all of us. ..and there I am in my nice warm blanket! James Dailey and Aunty Ulu Cruising in style! Dinner for two? Celebrity Cruising! Aunty Ulu Para-Sailing Tom, Aunty Ulu, Brenda, Joel Formal Dinner It's called the SS Minnow Matthew, Scott, Joshua Grandma and Grandbaby! Key West Cruising! Yo! Wassup! Aunty Snow Angel 1999 Aunty and Joel - Snow 1999 James Scott and Matthew Matthew Tutu's Wedding Matthew Keala and Scott Kaimi Hawickhorst Aunty Ulu's Ohana